Into the VOID Films

We have been making films for as long as we can remember. We have always had a passion for storytelling and visual art. Here is a simple sample of our most recent work. For more and some of our early work check out our YouTube page!


Written and Directed by Kelsey McMellon

Regan White is CURSED! Can she escape the dark forces that follow her, wishing to consume her.

“Fake Police”

Directed by Marta McMellon

A short scene (slightly edited) from ‘The House That Jack Built’ (2018).

Meth, Midgets, and Maybe Koreans

Directed by Kelsey McMellon

A short scene from ‘It’s a Disaster’ (2012).

“The Truth” Basement Show

Written and Technically Directed by Kelsey McMellon

Tune in to this weeks popular basement show ‘The Truth’. Bobby and Gabe give you the run down on all things E.T. Including an exclusive interview with Leeroy Jenkins.
‘Whitewall’ – Subtle Pride

Directed by Kelsey and Marta McMellon

Music video for ‘Whitewall’ by Subtle Pride.

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