Marta’s Art

About Me

Even as a young kid I have always loved drawing and making movies. At 8 years old picking up a camera to make stop motions of clay figures and later a full feature film as seniors in high school. My sister and I have always been experimenting with new mediums and finding new ways to make our visions come to life just by ourselves. The joy of creating something that people can see and connect with is what I live for.


Photography to me is capturing a single moment in time forever. It tells a story.

Cinema Stills

I love cinematography and art. So why not combined them? These bad boys are massive too, each one 18×24 in.

Made with colored pencils and acrylic paint.

Comic Book Art

Again with the horror movie stuff?

Yes. But now it’s a whole scene.


Digital drawing is a whole new beast. I have unlimited colors!

Sketch Book

A few sketch book entries from February 2021 to December 2021.

Charcoal, graphite, ball point pen, and color pencil.

Woman of Horror

I think by now you can tell I love portraiture.

9×12 in. Made with colored pencil and acrylic paint.